Voice-Over Artist

We are looking for Voice-over artists with a fair knowledge of voice-over techniques and proven experience in radio jockeying, dubbing, or voice-overs. As a voice-over artist, you will be performing voice-overs for videos and characters as per the scripts provided.

If your skill-set, confidence, and attitude meet our requirements given below, then we offer you an industry-leading suite of benefits including high compensation, supplemental pay, and incentives.
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Responsibilities & Duties

Recording voice-overs for videos as per scripts provided
Dubbing for characters as per scripts provided
Interviewing personalities with flexible scripts to receive well-rounded answers
Chairing discussions with multiple guests
Discussing with the team to understand voice-over requirements and delivering on the brief
Working with studio directors on takes and retakes for the best output.
Memorizing scripts as and when required
Rehearsing scripts for optimizing presentations

Qualifications & Skills

Bachelor’s Degree (Not essential)
Experience in dubbing or radio-jockeying
Pleasing voice and tone quality
Excellent articulation and intonation
Familiarity with audio recording technology
Good communication and collaboration skills
Ability to work according to directorial cues
Flexible with work hours, locations, & schedules.
Availability on call
Proficiency in multiple languages (optional)