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CodeAce IT Solutions is a recognized and trusted mobile app development company in Kerala, India, with offices in the United States and the United Arab Emirates. At CodeAce, we provide high-quality and low-cost mobile app development services for clients from across the world.

Custom Mobile App Development

CodeAce specializes in building custom mobile apps that meet all your needs. Whatever your industry, be it retail & e-commerce, education & technology, travel & tourism, transportation & logistics, health & wellness, or fashion & entertainment, we have mobile app solutions for everyone!

Mobile Application Development
For Different Platforms

Native Mobile App Development

We are adept in building mobile applications for specific operating systems such as iOS and Android. Our native apps allow you to leverage all the features of the particular operating system you choose and ensure better performance.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

We are also experts in developing cross-platform hybrid mobile apps allowing you to take advantage of the properties across multiple platforms. Our hybrid apps help cut down on mobile app development costs and timeframes.

Progressive Web App Development

We are proficient in developing progressive web apps for mobile that are stored in a distant location and distributed via the web using a browser interface. Our web apps allow for quick and cost-efficient scaling in no time.

Wearables & Embed Software

We have expertise in developing mobile applications for wearable and embedded technologies which are currently in demand. Be it for fitness or health devices, we create mobile apps for wearable tech for all platforms.

Our Expertise With
Mobile App Development Technologies

React Native App Development

React Native is a mobile app development UI software framework by Meta Platforms that allows you to build applications using javascript. The biggest advantage of using this technology is that it allows you to build mobile applications for different platforms using the same code. At CodeAce, we have some of the most experienced React Native developers in Kerala to help take care of your full-cycle mobile app development needs.

Flutter App Development

Flutter is a mobile app development UI software development kit by Google that allows you to build custom mobile applications using Dart Programming. Unlike other technologies, it is a complete SDK, which means it facilitates rapid app development with lesser work which makes it ideal for startups. Although an emerging technology, at CodeAce we do have some of the best Flutter developers in Kerala to help build your app.

Angular App Development

Angular is a mobile app development framework developed by Google that allows you to build cross-platform mobile applications using TypeScript. One of the most popular names in the app development industry, Angular is still the most trusted mobile application industry and is used by the likes of YouTube and Microsoft Office. CodeAce has a solid Angular Team with some of the best Angular developers in Kerala.

Xamarin App Development

Xamarin is a mobile app development framework by Microsoft that allows you to build cross-platform mobile applications using C#. Being one of the oldest cross-platform software development kits, Xamarin provides lots of UI components, modules, and a great development API to help increase developer productivity. Since CodeAce has some of the best Xamarin App Developers in Kerala, you can build and market your mobile app with us in no time.

Our Mobile App Development Process

From Concept To The App Store

Brainstorming With Client

The first phase of our mobile app development process is a thorough brainstorming session where we assess our client’s requirements and envision the product. Our experienced panel will also provide the client with valuable input and suggestions to enhance the possibilities of the product. Once this is done, a detailed estimate of the time and cost of the project is determined.


Building an MVP

The second phase of our mobile app development process is to  release a Minimum Viable Product to the target market as part of a discovery phase. This will reveal valuable insight and feedback from the target audience which will help iterate and improve the product. This will also help us create an actionable blueprint that will ensure the success of the project.


Marketing & Sales Strategy

The third phase is creating a marketing and sales strategy. Marketing the product to the right audience in the right language is crucial to the success of the product. This will also feed into our mobile app development process and help us implement strategies including landing page best practices and targeted app optimization and more to help you beat the competition.

Analysis & Wireframing

The fourth phase of our mobile app development process is analyzing all the information and feedback received over the previous phases and creating a wireframe, which will give you a skeletal framework for your mobile application. This will help you understand how your mobile application will function on different screens and allow you to harmonize your vision with the final product.

Designing & Development

The fifth phase of our mobile app development process is the designing and development of your mobile application. This is done as per the preconceived blueprint using the latest and best technologies and by the most experienced brains in the country. We keep you informed and involved throughout the designing and development process, before delivering the final product.


Support & Scaling

Being a client-first company, we do not end our associations with the delivery of the final product. We join you along your journey providing continued support and service, be it adding additional features and tools, conducting maintenance and checks, or improving design elements, as and when required. We also help you scale your app to multiple cities and countries if required.

Industries We Serve

We serve a wide array of industries, building custom-made mobile applications with niche-specific features. Our work regularly garners appreciation from all quarters thanks to our client-first policy, technical foresight, and steadfast commitment to developing high-quality applications at affordable rates.

Retail & ECommerce

We develop reliable and secure retail and e-commerce mobile apps that help customers shop with ease, and help business drive sales. Features include in-store navigation, payment integration, and more.

Logistics & Transportation

We build fast and efficient logistics and transportation apps that can help businesses and users avoid the hassle, with features such as real-time updates, GPS tracking, routing, scheduling, and more.

On-demand Services

We have expertise in developing efficient on-demand apps for multiple local services including food delivery, grocery delivery, doctor consultation, taxi services, beauty services, e-learning, and more.

Business And Enterprise

We build easy and reliable enterprise management mobile apps for businesses to help with time management, increasing productivity, increasing customer retention, cutting unnecessary costs and more.

Social And Communications

We have demonstrable experience in building exciting and innovative social media and communication mobile apps rich in features including text, audio chats, video chats, and more.

Media And Entertainment

We build excellent media streaming and sharing mobile apps with exceptional functionality and high-end performance allowing for maximum user retention.

Get Your APP Done By Experts

Why Choose Us?

Experience & Expertise

CodeAce has a solid team of experienced mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, project managers, and quality analysts, with expertise in their respective domains, who will ensure that you will only get the best in terms of quality of service.

Transparency & Trustability

We make sure that there’s complete transparency throughout our app development process and keep you informed and involved at every stage of the process so that you can trust us with any of your dream projects without fear or worry.

Quality & Affordability

CodeAce is the best choice for your mobile app development needs in Kerala as we offer the most affordable rates for your project. Further, we never compromise on the quality of our output, no matter what your budget.

Reliability & Results

You can always rely on us to deliver results no matter how difficult the project or how short the timeframe is. Thanks to exceptional planning and thorough execution, we are able to deliver the best results every single time.

Your Business Deserves A Better Mobile App

iOS App Development

CodeAce is the best iOS app development company in India. We have in our arsenal some of the best hands in the country when it comes to iOS app development expertise. The iOS apps developed by our team ensure iPhone users an exceptional user experience every single time. Our iOS apps are designed innovatively and developed by incorporating the latest and best methodologies to help our clients easily attract iPhone users and drive leads and sales.

Android App Development

CodeAce is equally adept when it comes to Android app development. Our team consists of experienced android developers who are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve in the crowded android app space. Our Android apps stand apart from the rest thanks to futuristic designs, impeccable user experience, and best-in-class functionality. Thanks to the constant referrals from past clients we are now the top Android development company in Kerala

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We build stunning mobile apps

Design better mobile applications in no time and at a low cost, without compromising on quality.


Here are the answers to some of the most searched questions related to mobile app development. For answers to all your questions and queries regarding your mobile app development project, give us a call.

There are several technologies currently used by developers for building mobile applications. Angular, React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin are considered to be some of the best. However, there is no clear winner among these four as all these technologies are constantly evolving.

React Native is frequently referred to as the best mobile app development framework available today. It surely is a good choice for mobile app development.

The best mobile app development frameworks include React Native, Flutter, Java, Python, Kotlin, Swift, and R Programming. Which development framework is best for you would depend on your project and dependent factors including budget, timeframe, and target audience, among others.

Java, Python, C++, Kotlin, and Rust are all currently popular languages used for mobile app development. However, Swift by Apple is quickly gaining popularity as one of the best languages for iOS mobile app development.

CodeAce is the best mobile app development company in Kerala trusted by hundreds of clients from all over the world. We have some of the most experienced hands in mobile app development in Kerala, working for us.